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Other information:

Our Product Range

The Worlds Favourite Funnel cakes: (Buy Funnel Cake Mix)

tweety175Funnel cake is an easy seller, either people want to try, have tried or are curious enough to try! Once they taste our Funnel Cakes we have a regular customer.

The Funnel Cake Mix we sell and use, has developed over time, in fact years, with the help of bakers, scientists, appreciative testers, and the Mad Hatter and creator Mario Costabuck.

Once we found the ultimate Funnel Cake Mix, using the very best ingredients and raw materials, we had what we wanted and what our customers wanted, the World's Best Funnel Cake Mix.

Don't believe our claims to be offer the worlds favourite funnel cake mix!

  • We Expect Comparison!
  • We expect you to test our claim!
  • We suspect you will believe!

Based on the flavours of the county fairs, the expectations of the amusement parks, not being greasy, being fluffy and tasting like the memory cells are screaming of memories of past Funnel Cakes.

Premium caterering size Doughnut mix: (Buy premium doughnut mix)

donut175The Doughnut: A doughnut is a donut, or is it?

Our doughnut mix was initially developed, because when we went to events, there were other doughnut sellers, so we wanted and needed to be better and make people want our doughnuts.

After studying the market both on a research level and from trading at events, we had that Eureka moment of what makes the perfect doughnut (actually it was a simple mistake that help us to revealed the perfect doughnut mix).

This enabled us to talk to our Mill and togther create the perfect premium Doughnut.

To prepare you simple add add water.


A Food Circus Coffee: (Buy Sicilian Coffee)

Catering Coffee  175

To some people coffee is a coffee and nothing else, to others coffee is about taste and flavour and the kick

Our brand of coffee has satisfied the most hardy coffee drinkers, but don't take our word for it, try a bag, you will understand and believe.

In the mornings we found mornings sales were flat, so wanted to find something to sell that would compliment our products.

Mario (The company boss) soon realised that when we were very busy, it was non stop, with queues as far as the eye can see, all day long.

Tthis was achieved when we found one of the tastiest coffee produced, and started to introduce Fresh Sicilian coffee, to customers, this was also used to keep staff awake during the busy periods, and from then on own brand of coffee was born.


American Lemonade: (Buy American Lemonade business)

TheLemon175We use a secret family recipe: Next we realised the amount of stock we had to carry to each event started to become hard labour, so we had to find a way to reinvent how we travelled from event to event, and after looking at what we were doing we soon realised that the drinks take up lots of space and are expensive, then the final sting in the tail was that event organisers started to tell us how much to sell a tin of coke for, this annoyed us.

So we stopped selling canned drinks and using a very old secret family recipe we started making American Lemonade for customers, this had two benefits, firstly we sold more and more until people emptied their pockets to get at our Lemonade, and secondly we reduced the need to carry lots of dead stock in the form of tinned drinks (read about our lemonade here)

The massive 26oz American Lemonade was created, which increased sales tremendously, allowing us to increase our happiness by taking more money per customer and customers loved our secret lemonade mix.

Freshly squeezed Orange Juice

On setting up the Lemonade we soon found that we need to get a machine to produce the lemon juice (we only use fresh juice) so invested in a Orange juicing machine and whilst having the machine we started to sell the finest sun kissed Orange juice also, although this was not a profitable, it was a great extra selling in the mornings, helping us to further increase our income at each event.

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